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Arthritis and Emu Oil:
By: Dr. Peter Ghosh at Royal North Shore Hospital of Sydney, Australia and Dr. Michael Whitehouse at University of Adelaide, Australia.
Summary: A combination of emu oil with a suitable transdermal transporter is found to show anti-inflammatory (anti-rheumatic) activity in various rat models. Details :
Timing: Experiments and observations occurred on subgroups of patients over a three-month period.
Research Experiment Purpose: Dr. Whitehouse and Dr. Ghosh were trying to observe:
1. If Emu Oil is an anti-inflammatory agent for the painful swelling that takes place in joints and bones of those suffering from Arthritis; and,
2. Does Emu Oil eliminate the arthritis pain for arthritis sufferers in their bone cartilage and swollen joints.
Results/Conclusions: 1. In 14 days, Emu Oil had eliminated all inflammation caused by arthritis joint swelling and bone abrasion due to lack of cartilage. 2. None of the patients experienced arthritis pain in their joints and bones after 14 days of topical application. The pain caused by constant friction of bones rubbing together had disappeared.
Arthritis Pain Reduction:
Days of Emu Oil Treatment Rate of Reduction in Pain:
1 - 1%
4 - 30%
7 - 50%
11 - 82%
14 - 100%
Reduction of Arthritic Swelling:
Days of Emu Oil Treatment Swelling Reduction in Arthritic Joints
1 - 2%
6 - 22%
12 - 48%
17 - 100%

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