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Emu oil for psoriasis. Helps soothe redness and swelling.
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Emu Oil Benefits
All about Emu Oil Products

What is Emu oil? It is an all-natural oil of emu. Emu oil is a very important essential oil needed for good health - it contains Omega 3, 6, and 9. As an all natural anti-inflammatory, it has proven to be a great aid in the relief of arthritis pain, sports injuries, and back pain. We have been producing quality Emu oil wellness, beauty, pain relief and skin care products for over 20 years. We now sell Emu oil products and bulk wholesale Emu oil throughout the world. You can shop with confidence knowing you are buying superior emuoil products to help improve the quality of your life. Additionally, our Emu oil gel caps are Phthalate free! Emu oil products from LongviewFarms.com can’t be beat….we know our stuff. The emu oil benefits are many. It can be used for an Emu rub, pain relief and beautiful skin. The all-natural anti-inflammatory properties of emu oil are great for arthritis sufferers. Using emu oil for hair loss has been touted as one of the best uses. Have age wrinkles? Emu oil dramatically reduces wrinkles using our emu oil anti-aging creams and oils. Emu oil skin care products include our facial creams, youth serum, and skin cleansing products. Take care of your beautiful skin! Studies have shown that emu oil penetrates through several layers of the dermis and “feeds” the skin, helping it to become healthy, supple and vibrant. There are no known side effects and Emu oil can be used by all ages…from babies to senior citizens. Our Molecular Distilled Emu oil assures Safety and Purity. Order your Emu oil products today for a healthier you!

Emu Oil Uses:
* Pain Relief, arthritis relief, sports injuries, swelling
* Dry Skin, itchy skin, Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea
* Hair Loss, Balding, Alopecia
* Emu oil for burns - sunburns and radiation burns
* Acne, skin irritations
* Dry Scalp, falling hair, scalp itching
* Dry hair, hair needing conditioning
* Emu oil gel caps for energy, omega 3, health & wellness

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What our customers have to say:

2-15-14 Wow--what great service! I appreciated the fact that you even responded to my comments so quickly, but you have actually addressed the problem... All I can say is, Wow!
Thanks so much! Love the emu oil, by the way. I've been telling other people about it and now, I will definitely tell them about Longview Farms. ~ Toni

4-13-13 I really like this shampoo and conditioner; I am African American with very dry hair and after washing my hair I left the conditioner on with a plastic bag for thirty minutes and rinsed, and after I flat ironed my hair it was very smooth and nice. I have placed a reminder on my calendar to order more on my next payday. Your customer service person is also very nice as I emailed you about the status of my order and they answered the same day. Thanks again, Joy R. Waynewood

I just received my order and wanted to thank you. My grandfather was an Emu farmer and since his passing I have searched high and low for top quality emu oil from Ebay to other "farms" and this is the 1st batch (besides one other place that was extremely expensive) that the oil is truly quality pure emu oil!! Its cold here in WI today and it was kind of solid, my tell on if its real or mixed with other oils and sold as real!! I have found my new place to get great oil from!! Thank you again!! Vicky L, Middleton WI

"Where can I get Emu oil?", you ask? Right here at LongviewFarms.com ! You can also read all about em u oil and learn where to buy it at our sister website: Emu-Oil.com . There you will learn about the many benefits of emu oil for hair loss, pain relief, hair growth, hair loss, skin conditions. Likewise, when you order emu oil products from LongviewFarms.com, you will learn how to use emu oil products for a healthful life. Sit back, relax, and enjoy shopping with us! If you have any questions about where to find Longview Farms Emu oil products in your location, do not hesitate to contact us. And, as a bonus to our customers, we include a free emu oil product with every order.

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Emu oil products for dry skin, hair loss, pain management