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Emu Oil Bath and Body Care Products

Topical uses for emu oil are numerous, and constitute some of the most popular and effective uses for this wonderful substance. It can be used for healing damaged skin and hair, including reduction of scarring and wrinkles. In addition to helping repair damaged tissue, emu oil can be used to bring a never-before-experienced fullness and vitality to skin and hair.

Given its many positive benefits to skin and hair care, there are a number of ways to apply it. We offer the range of emu oil bath products, including soaps and conditioners for improving the quality of skin while cleaning up.

We also offer some of the most popular formulations for emu oil hair and skin care products, including our acne pack and wrinkle-reducing moisturizer. Emu oil for the hair is the most popular use, due to its tremendous effect on the strength, sheen, and luster of the hair. In fact, it is even used to combat the effects of thinning hair and balding. Use our range of hair products or buy our Hair Loss Kit to battle the effects of hair loss!

No matter what kind of emu oil body care or hair care products you’re looking for, you’ll find that Longview Farms carries the gamut of emu oil products with unbeatable quality.

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Emu oil acne products Tattoo skin care too soothe the sting and redness of after tattooing. All  natural Emu oil lotions
Acne Pack
Suggested Retail: $21.75
Our Price: $17.00
Savings: $4.75

After Tattoo Skin Care
Suggested Retail: $4.11
Our Price: $3.38
Savings: $0.73

All Natural Lotion
Suggested Retail: $8.30
Our Price: $6.19
Savings: $2.11

Stock up on Body Piercing products Skin Balm with Emu Oil Emu oil amazing facial cream
Body Piercing Skin Care Oil
Suggested Retail: $4.80
Our Price $4.11
Savings: $0.69
Disappear Emu Cream - 3 oz.
Suggested Retail: $12.45
Our Price: $10.09
Savings: $2.36

Emu Oil Facial Cream 4 fl. oz.
Suggested Retail: $25.95
Our Price: $20.75
Savings: $5.20