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"I had 25 sessions of radiation last year and had radiation burns. My skin turned black and it was so painful . I was also given silvadene creme, it didn't help. I applied pure EMU oil and it was immediate relief. You can order it on line.."
~ Chris on CancerCompass.com
"I have been using emu oil for radiation burns on my face and inside my mouth. I am finding it to be quite helpful. My cancer was a very invasive squamous cell lesion located above my top lip (etiology of the cancer: too much sun as a teen!)."
~XwayDiva on Drugs.com
Why does Emu oil work so well for radiation burns? Like sunburns, radiation burns cause damage to the skin and inflame the tissue. Since Emu oil is an all-natural anti-inflammatory, it begins to help the skin the minute it is applies. As explained in other areas of our site, Emu oil is a "tissue nutrient" which "feeds" the skin, helping it to become healthy. Cancer treatment facilities in the U.S. purchase Emu oil from LongviewFarms.com because we offer molecularly distilled Emu oil. This assures purity and safety ~ these are extremely important when being used for any type of burn or wound.
Many people claim they gain "immediate relief" from all types of burns when they apply Emu oil. If you or someone you know is going through radiation treatment, or have been exposed to enough radiation to cause skin burning, we implore you to buy our Emu oil ~ relief is something greatly appreciated.

Emu oil for pain relief, arthritis, psoriasis, hair loss, baldness. Emu oil benefits the body, hair, joints and muscles.