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Why use Emu Oil products?

Emu oil is an all-natural oil with many benefits. Emu oil contains healthy fats that are essential for good health, including Omega fats 3, 6, and 9. It is a proven, natural anti-inflammatory (1), and may be an effective aid in the temporary relief of back pain, sports injuries, and arthritis pain. (2)

We have been producing quality, pure emu oil products for wellness, beauty, as a natural muscle soother, and skin care for more than 23 years. Today we sell a variety of emu oil products and bulk/wholesale emu oil in and outside the U.S., allowing people the world over to buy emu oil online and enjoy its many benefits.


Pure Emu oil products to benefit your health
Pure Emu Oil
Emu oil pills gel caps dietary supplements

Emu Oil Pills

Hair Loss Blading care kit

Hair Loss Kit
Hand and Body Lotion with Emu oil
Hand & Body
Hair shampoo with Emu oil
Hair Shampoo
Hair Conditioner with Emu oil
Hair Conditioner

All Natural Lotion

Acne Skin Care
Products Kit

Skin soothing balm ointment with Emu oil and honey

Skin Soothing
Emu oil beautiful skin beauty soap
Emu Oil Soap

Emu oil skin care wrinkle products

Love Your Skin Pack
Emu oil muscle rub arthritis
Emu Oil
Muscle Rub
Joint and Muscle Rub with Emu oil
Emu Oil Joint
& Ache Rub

Muscle Rub 3 pack with Emu oil

Muscle Relief
Combo Pack
Wrinkle reducer, anti-aging, skin enhancer with Emu oil
Wrinkle Reducing

Lip stick for chapped lips, Emu oil lip refresher

Lip Balm
Intense Wrinkle Moistuizing lotion
Intense Wrinkle

Emu oil samples
Emu Oil
Travel Pack

Facial Cream

Skin Lightening
Microderm abrasion cream
Abrasion Cream

Tattoo skin relief, after tattoo cream

Skin Care
Body piercing oil skin care
Body Piercing
Skin Care
Menthol muscle rub with emu oil
Zap It!
Muscle Rub
Hot spots, pet dry skin, dog skin problems
Shiny Coat
Pet Pills

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We are the founders of the Emu Oil Institute , an organization for sharing the scientific study of the healthy effects of emu oil. When you shop with us, you can do so with the knowledge that you are buying superior emu oil products made with expertise to help improve the quality of your life. Additionally, our emu oil and emu oil gel caps are Phthalate free.

Emu oil products from Longview Farms are the best refined emu oil items available.

So what are the specific benefits of emu oil? There are many. It can be used as a rub to massage sore and damaged muscles and joints, may help aid in temporary pain relief (1) according to a study performed by Dr. Peter Gosh, and skin health and revitalization. The all-natural anti-inflammatory (1) properties of emu oil may work wonders for arthritis sufferers. Emu oil is also terrific for scars. As a food supplement our Emu oil gel capsule pills help provide the necessary Omega 3-6-9 essential fatty acids for an optimum healthy body. We are not allowed to tell you that some of our customers have told us they take them for IBD, to soothe their stomach, and IBS.

Using emu oil for baldness and hair loss (3) has been touted as one of the best uses. Emu oil also offers skin the hydration it craves with serious nourishment. Our emu oil anti-aging creams and oils are some of the longest available products on the market, and have been improved numerous times over the years through our research and customer feedback.

Emu skin care products include our facial creams, youth serum, and skin cleansing products. Studies have shown that emu oil, as a food for the skin, “feeds” the skin, helping it become healthy, vibrant and supple. And don't forget your favorite pets. Dog skin care problems can be solved with our Essential Needs dog, cat, and ferret products. Dog hot spots are a real problems these days and our pet products can help.

Pet skin problems and dog hot spots

DOG HOT SPOTS and PET DRY SKIN - "Throughout the year, your dog should be receiving a diet that is nutritionally balanced, so that when winter does arrive, her skin is already in the best health. That does not mean that your dog will not still have problems, but they will be minimized and easier to treat, generally speaking.

For example, adequate levels of fatty acids are an essential component of healthy and firm, yet flexible, skin. If you and your dog have already suffered through a tough winter or two, you may want to look into putting him on a special diet that provides additional levels of omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids specifically for the maintenance of healthy skin (Like Pet Skin Doctor Products!). Consult with your veterinarian so you can make an informed choice about which supplemental vitamins and/or foods will be best suited to your dog. ~ PETMD.com

Wondering where to buy emu oil and benefits? Not all sources are equal. We have been in the business for more than 25 years , and was the first Emu oil product company to register with the FDA, creating new techniques and refining our processes for creating the best Emu oil products available. Rest assured you are buying quality Emu oil products when you shop with LongviewFarms.com.

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(1) Experimental Study to Determine the Anti-Arthritic Activity of New Emu Oil Formulation (EMMP) (1993) By: Dr. Peter Ghosh at Royal North Shore Hospital of Sydney, Australia and Dr. Michael Whitehouse at University of Adelaide, Australia.
Study by Dr. Robert Nicolosi, University of Massachusetts (October, 2001)
Study conducted by Michael Hollick, MD, Ph.D., Professor of Medicine, Physiology, and Dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine

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